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 Do you have the AI Skills and Knowledge to be a successful business today? Is your business having difficulty using AI? Understanding the possible data and AI challenges is critical for the effective adoption of AI operations in your business. Our AI Accelerator programme provides a tried-and-true AI deployment technique advised and built by our leading experts. 

Following its successful establishment in 2021, where the curriculum was offered over a three-month period. AI Academy was reintroduced as a two-day bootcamp in 2022. AI Academy, a Team SY initiative powered by AI Tech UK, is entirely sponsored by the ERDF, Capital Enterprise, and Barnsley Council, which means there is no cost participants or businesses to participate. 

This is a programme specifically designed to introduce artificial intelligence to businesses. With the help of guest speakers from start-ups to Microsoft, AI Tech UK demonstrates how AI can benefit your business, help it expand, and put you ahead of the competitors in your industry over the course of 2 days to 3 months.

Here are some of the reasons why our AI Accelerator Programme will help SME’s and start-ups: 

To apply AI successfully and ethically

Accelerate the organizations understanding of AI and utilize AI for business growth

To save business costs and compliance overhead 

Learn how AI works, solves challenges, and benefits

To demystify AI into a simple strategic approach with our expert methodology 

Understand and apply AI ethically and practically with our expert framework and methodology

This is what our clients and attendees had to say about our programme

Attendee 1

“Before now AI sounds scary to a non-technical start-up founder like me but this workshop has provided me the opportunity of knowing that AI is found in ever data driven organization of which Urplug Finance Ltd is a data driven company.”
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