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If you think we all know true AI definition, most of us might be slightly wrong as we only know what AI can do today, AI is what's limited by our thinking our perception and our thoughts. Once intelligence is exposed or repeated its not intelligence, its information or informed decision or an action, correct? The famous saying, "we don't know what we don't know" is so true.

Our current definition AI is limited by how we think and how we perceive information today! What was smart years ago, it's normal now and what is smart today will be normal in few years down the line. Just as we don't get super excited with our smartphone these days, our AI perception will evolve from its simple form it has today to something more complex like Sophie (

My journey to AI began 15 years ago when I was building my undergrad project where I chose one of the complex project based on my electronics, embedded systems, programming and engineering skills. I designed a fully sustained autonomous robot with image processing and sensor-based manoeuvrability. A long Rs232 cable to a remote computer to run image processing and an on-board microcontroller programmed to control the moves and location of the robot. I had algorithms encoded in the microcontroller based on the senses such as infrared sensors to navigate the robot through the obstacles. We also had a web camera connected to a complete computer remotely to process images and detect Intruders for surveillance purpose. It was really difficult at that time I can 2004 to make this simple model work on VC++. There was intelligence embedded in the robot to navigate by herself and send an alarm if in distress or if not been able to navigate.

Now with Convergence of technology, we are able to do the same in a set of simple fashion. We have IOT on edge, cloud-based computing, tons of data and abundance of APIs to do image processing. I have never felt so closely associated to technology it's not because of what I've done in my past with projects, my degrees and my work experience but more because everything is converging and everything is making sense. The biggest technological achievement of this day and age is the capability to integrate are cross-platform and Systems that allows the concept of AI to evolve and grow. Not everyone is fully aware what AI can do. AI currently is loosely defined and it solves one specific problem he can only do one specific task and that's called a week or a narrow AI. However, the strong AI is what we fear of, it is the one that is badly pictured and it does require a certain level of understanding the Justified that it is absolutely correct. I completely agree with Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about what they foresee about AI but we are well far off I'm getting to that reality. To get to that stage we will need democratisation, a deep level of understanding and mature AI modelling capability.

AI does open land of opportunities, such as more job opportunities for developers managers and tech leaders. every developer will be an AI developer has quoted by Microsoft. Managers and CEO w

ill be asking for more intelligence, not just pieces of information and insight. This will not replace jobs instead it will be just a new way of doing things. Is a slight grey area when it comes to AI and automation and bots - automation is a movement in the industrial revolution, an advancement which has got associated with narrow/small AI. AI is far... far .. far... away from demonstrating Emotional Intelligence and pass the Turing test.

What excites me is the use cases that it demonstrates even with the simple model of AI, for instance, I'm actually writing this blog with my voice using speech to text API and also I'm using grammarly to dynamically detect spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes, how amazing is that! And in the similar fashion, it might be so many use cases that current Industries, organisations and businesses can apply just to make life simpler and better for everyone!

Today, I am fortunate enough to work on an innovative platform that supports and enable dreams, visions and ideas come to live!

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