AI is powered by our Choice!

What we can do with AI is our choice! Every choice made today has an impact tomorrow! As leaders, we have great responsibilities of handling the power of AI! We should design AI with a moral Purpose along with ethics, value and discipline.

Today, we live in a world where we often complain that we don't have time, resources, or the insights. Although we have a lot of data, we have very less information. Even more critical is the fact that in the 21st century we struggle to apply practical and intelligent solutions to everyday problems. Downside of all the inefficiency is, we struggle to enjoy the things we love to do! The human race has evolved hugely ...

We are producing a lot more but fixing and preserving very less,

We are sharing and liking stories but empathising less,

We are commenting on global problems but resolving less,

We are polluting more but cleaning less,

We are killing more but saving less,

We are signing up on everything but impacting nothing!

Communities are experiencing the highest level of stress, public services remain under unprecedented strain - Healthcare, Transport, Policing. In parallel we're facing issues with climate change, waste management, politics, security, human rights, extinction of species, we have an enormous amount to tackle and yet possess very little cohesion to develop a strategy.

The time is here, we need to take prescriptive actions, and the technology is ready for you! We have the power to save our future.

AI for many maybe disruptive but the truth is, it is an opportunity already here among us today.

We're facing a very similar time to when computers and the internet came into existence! Intelligence is the new trend! We need to adopt a new outlook and surf the wave of the new revolution! And that's why we've started AI-Tech!

AI Tech originally started as my blog site, now it has transformed into a series of community events, tech talks and large conferences with the up and coming AI Tech North conference planned for 2019. We are helping communities to use their data and overcome business challenges, helping them educate and strategise with technology. AI Tech is helping the service industries understand and democratise AI, and together, our mission is to disrupt the disruption!

AI is an opportunity that will allow us to do more of what we enjoy - Giving us time and energy to focus on being more human and operating less like a machine, and to help you achieve a work life balance and allow you to be the best version of yourself!

AI will help protect and even save lives, it will help prevent crimes. AI in the simplest form can help minimise waste, improve efficiency and achieve the maximum from minimum!

Ultimately, help the world be a safer, better, and a greener place!

Sherin Mathew

Founder, Group Leader AI-Tech.Uk (AI Tech North User Group)

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