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AI Tech UK is an AI knowledge and Innovation leader helping accelerate advanced technology adoption for businesses across the UK. We empower businesses to grow with AI adoption, manage AI Strategy and governance efficiently, successfully and confidently.


  • Cost Effective AI Adoption

  • Building confidence with ethical frameworks in place

  • Improved business growth

  • Making informed technical choices

  • Manage AI - quickly, proactively and seamlessly

  • Implementation of robust AI Project Management systems

  • Build a Centre of Excellence with End-to-End AI Solution Management


Under Founder Sherin Mathew’s expertise, AI Tech UK has been revered as a powerhouse of AI innovation, ethical governance, and strategic implementation, consistently delivering cost-effective AI solutions and driving significant business growth for its clients. A former IBM-Microsoft Global Data & AI Lead, who has worked with Fortune 500 and reputed clients, Sherin taps into his unparalleled knowledge and paves the way for AI Tech UK to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions and drive transformative growth for businesses.


As a result, AI Tech UK has grown exponentially since its inception, and is currently making headway with a global clientele, delivering impactful workshops around the UK, expanding its networks and helping SMEs and other businesses establish their footing in the rapidly evolving AI realm.

“AI Tech UK has got their finger on the pulse, they keep themselves and their courses updated on what’s happening in the UK as well as globally in terms of policy changes. I think they’re one of the leading companies to work with in this space with a qualified yet fun team."

Harpreet Kaur

AI Accelerator Events and Admin Coordinator, Capital Enterprise

Our Services

Our robust AI Management & Governance Solutions excel with tools and frameworks that serve as an AI Manager, CTO, and Compliance Ethics Officer all in one package, which will facilitate businesses to adopt and grow with AI easily, efficiently and confidently delivering the AI project at 1/3rd the price and twice the speed by empowering the team with AI knowledge and building AI capabilities.

Our offerings address crucial pain points of insufficient budget constraints and lack of ethical understanding. Our AI Governance Suite offers comprehensive support in strategy building, AI design thinking, ethical expertise, knowledge expertise, functionality of a Chief AI officer and extensive AI project management making it a single end-to-end AI solution to guide, secure any kind of potential risks from a regulatory aspect, proactively manage and build a robust AI Centre of Excellence for businesses.


Limited spaces available on our free National AI Programme. Join Now!

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