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AI for Turing Innovation Catalyst

Navigating AI Regulations with AI Tech UK and Turing Innovation Catalyst Manchester

Topic: Ethics-360º - Applying AI Governance Practically

As we navigate the fast-evolving realm of AI, the question of ethics is slowly taking center stage. Forbes Advisor research found that 59% of UK residents have concerns about the use of artificial intelligence*. As the novelty of technological wonderment wears off, critical questions about how we live and work with AI are coming to the fore. Building ethical AI approaches is essential for a fair and just society.  AI Tech UK, in collaboration with Turing Innovation Catalyst (TiC) Manchester, has been at the forefront of this mission.

To address the complexities of AI regulations, AI Tech UK along with TiC Manchester hosted a comprehensive series of 2 webinars and a workshop wherein the users got to beta test our Ethics and governance tool.

This initiative aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to navigate the regulatory landscape confidently.

The program featured an in-depth exploration of the ISO 42001 framework which is crucial for understanding international standards in AI development. Additionally, we demystified the EU AI Act, highlighting its implications for compliance and implementation. The program also included engaging discussions with individuals from both AI and non-AI backgrounds, focusing on the ethical implications of AI in business.



Understanding AI Power and Risks

Participants learned about AI's potential and the associated risks, applying these insights to data and AI design principles.

Ethical Principles in Innovation

Emphasis on adding accountability in innovation processes to ensure ethical AI development.

Policy Understanding and Intelligence Governance

In-depth sessions on AI policies and governance frameworks.

Hands-On Training

Practical sessions using AI Tech UK's Ethics Management and Design Thinking tools.

Real-World Application

Self-assessment exercises on real-world AI services, fostering practical understanding and ethical application.

Chi-chi Ekweozor

Founder, Attendist Ltd

"I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who's building an AI startup in the UK or beyond, because it gets your ducks in a row so that your company is ready and able to scale AI legislation changes, and you're also able to stand up to scrutiny."

Michael Jakubiak

Founder, ND Axon

"I really appreciate the effort and knowledge that has gone into putting this together, it has definitely enhanced my knowledge and understanding of AI Ethics in the development of AI products."

Ricardo Pais

Head of R&D/Senior Bioinformatician, MolMart Diagnostic Genomics

"The course is very well structured and straight-forward, introducing key concepts very well so that people like me can have guiding tools to develop ethical AI solutions that comply with regulatory policies. The tool itself is very well developed and robust. Its question driven nature, made it very useful for the users."

Harpreet Kaur

AI Accelerator Events and Admin Coordinator, Capital Enterprise

"We decided to work with AI Tech UK because they’re knowledgeable and experts in AI Ethics, which is critical to how startups develop in the future. AI Tech UK has got their finger on the pulse, they keep themselves and their courses updated on what’s happening in the UK as well as globally in terms of policy changes. I think they’re one of the leading companies to work with in this space with a qualified yet fun team."
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Benefits of the Program

Enhanced Understanding of AI Ethics

Participants gained a deeper and practical understanding of AI ethics.

Confidence in Ethical AI Development

Equipped with the skills to tackle real-world AI problems ethically.

This collaboration between AI Tech UK and Turing Innovation Catalyst Manchester provided a robust framework for understanding and applying AI regulations and ethics. This initiative not only educated participants but also empowered them to implement ethical AI practices in their respective fields, contributing to a more just and responsible AI landscape.

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