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AgTech Initiative

GoFarmO is a Collaborative, Sustainable and Intelligent citizen farming to solve global food shortage, climate crisis & farmer exploitation!

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GoFarmO is addressing the problems of

Changing Climate

Current farming and supply chain practices result in waste & emission

Food Shortages

By 2030 we will have population of 10 Billion to feed with projected shortage of nutritious food

Sustainability Problems

High % wastage in from the farm to fridge.

Social Wellbeing

Community and Local farming impacted by GMO

Industrialised Farming

Farmer exploitation and reducing the quality & nourishment food and soil

GoFarmO is our advanced technology powered platform to

Direct Connection to the source

Greener & direct connection to local & citizen farmers to reduce waste, emission and agents in the middle

Encouraging Farming Culture

With or without land we all can grow! Everyone can farm.

Enabling a new culture to grow and share food locally.

Co-create & Co-consume

Encouraging sustainable practices by contributing to local farming community. Creating a self-sustained and healthy community.

Limited spaces available on our free National AI Programme. Join Now!

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